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Flashing Lights

We had a wonderful Energy Healing Circle today at Energy Yoga & Wellness Center. I’m glad that many of you got to experience healing and deep relaxation. But also a lot you got to experience the sensations of the healing energies. For some, it felt like warmth or heat, and for some it felt like a tingling sensation where my hands and arms hovered. It is an amazing and validating experience.

Oftenly, the participants of my circles and clients report seeing lights with their physical eyes while receiving healing. The most common lights my clients experience is white sparkling lights. These sparkling lights are angels! Angels are beautiful, loving beings that are always with us. They guide us and protect us all throughout our lives. And they take the opportunity of our deep meditative state to present themselves to us while we heal. Knowing that we are not alone, we are cared for, and are guided by loving divine beings is a very healing experience. But I was truly surprised that no one in today’s circle saw white sparkling lights, but many of you saw colored flashing lights.

These colored flashing lights are the Archangels! I work closely with Archangel Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel during my healings, so it was not surprising that they were present, but I was surprised that many of you experienced them.

The blue flashing light is the energy of Archangel Michael, who gives us courage and protection. He also assists us with our life purpose.

The golden yellow, and at times white flashing light, is the energy of Archangel Gabriel, who helps us understand divine messages so we can grow, clear away confusion, and achieve wisdom and confidence to make decisions. He helps us to communicate effectively to other people, and raise children well.

I am happy with the healings experienced today. And I am honored to have served as a channel to your healing. Don’t forget to thank the Divine, Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, and all the loving energies who assisted in your healing today.


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