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Healing Messages

Re-cap of some of the healing messages received at today's Energy Healing Circle at Dharma Holistic Center:

* Many of us receive messages from our loved ones while we sleep. But know that it is also safe to receive messages and guidance while awake. Be willing to open up your third eye and receive. * Give yourself permission to be free! Speak your mind (in a loving and compassionate way) and it will set you free. Freedom is living fully. * Always follow your heart. It will never let you down. It is your compass to your life’s purpose. * Receiving the same message a second time? When you experience “coincidences” pay attention! The Universe is telling you something important. * Moving your body puts your energy into motion. It keeps the energy flowing, avoiding blockages. Exercise, or try Yoga! It keeps your body flexible, your mind clear, and your soul happy. The fountain of youth. * Do not allow fear or other negativity to rule your thoughts. There is a fire in the belly but this is to remind you that you’re powerful and limitless. Do not believe your own false thoughts! * We are compassionate, loving beings, but do not carry the weight of the world on your back. Allow others to carry their own weight. It is then that they begin to experience growth. And keep yourself healthy! * Need to bring peace to a situation or relationship? Affirm the powerful forgiveness prayer in the picture (three times a day, everyday) while holding the intention of bringing peace to this situation. Feel the peace and release smile emoticon


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