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Spiritual Wedding Ceremonies:

I am an Ordained Minister certified by

the Universal Life Church.

I hold non-denominational ceremonies,

with love as the highest source of energy.


My Ordained Minister Certification

is valid to officiate weddings in the state of Florida.

I act as a bridge between the Divine and the couple to strengthen the energy of their vows.


I guide and direct the ceremony, where the couple, through intention, marries. 

I specialize in merging the couple’s belief systems, their passions, and their energies

to create to create beautiful, loving, spiritual, and intentional ceremonies. 

Wedding Ceremony Officiating Service Includes:

  • The first meeting with the couple.  To get to know the couple in a deeper energetic level.  We discuss the couples' beliefs, special requests, and expectations.  I will explain the meaning of love, rite of marriage, and involvement of spirit.  And we discuss the flow, order, and arrangement of the desired ceremony.


  • A second meeting can be scheduled to discuss last minute changes before the event, and to review any loose ends, either in person or by phone.


  • Throughout the engagement period, I may need to contact the couple to obtain additional information, and I may also be contacted for questions and to serve as a coach and guide during this period. 


  • A day of rehearsal is included.  This practice day serves to coordinate the ceremony with the couple and also with the couple's wedding party.  Traditionally, it's held a day (or two) before the wedding day.  This is essential to ensure the flow of the ceremony. 


  • And finally, the wedding ceremony.  I will create Sacred Space for the ceremony, and intensify all the energies in each ritual chosen (blessing of the rings, intentions of vows, candles or sand rituals, etc), and officiate the wedding.


The fee for officiating wedding ceremonies is $850.

Email me at to book a meeting appointment.

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