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Angel Oracle Card Reading

Learn how to do powerful

Angel Oracle Card Readings

and open up to the loving messages of

guidance, protection, and comfort

of the Angels, for yourself & others.


Upcoming Group Workshop
Day 1:  Saturday, January 22, 2022
Day 2:  Saturday, January 29, 2022
@ 3:00pm - 5:30pm

Online via Zoom Video Conference

Registration Cost

Private Workshop

2 days (2.5 hours each)
Dates and times of your convenience

Via Zoom Video Conference

Registration Cost

Topics Discussed:

  • Intro to the angelic realm

  • How to connect and become aware of the angels

  • Understanding how Oracle Cards work​

  • How to interpret the cards and turn it into a reading

    • For the self​

    • ​For others

  • ​Different spreads and types of readings

  • Practice and experience readings

Workshop Includes:

One Deck of Angel Oracle Cards

Workshop Workbook

Oracle Card Reader Certification

Who is this workshop for?

  • Anyone seeking to receive loving guidance

  • Beginners.  No previous psychic, mediumship, channeling experience required
  • No Oracle Cards needed.  One deck of Oracle Cards is included with registration

Whether you are aware of their presence or not, Angels are always with us,

and they're always communicating with us, all throughout the day, every single day of our lives.  

They do this to guide us, protect us, and keep us company.


Angel Oracle Cards act as tools to consciously become aware of the messages that angels want to bring through.

When we are conscious of their guidance, protection, and company

life becomes magical, easier, and in tune with our spiritual growth and life purpose.

Learn how to do loving and powerful

Angel Oracle Card Readings

for yourself and for others

in this fun and enlightening workshop.

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