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Healing the Self

A Life Changing and Healing Experience

Experience growth, transformation, and finally 




Everything is energy, and we experience life energetically.

When you understand how energy works, you begin to understand how  every experience lived has affected you.

The Learn How to Heal Masterclass takes you on a journey to identify and 

release energies of fear, sadness, guilt, shame, grief, indecision, trauma, feeling lost or stuck, pains, aches, and illness.  

And leads you to begin to live a happy, peaceful, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Private Masterclass

9 Sessions (1.5 hours each)
Dates and times at your convenience

Via Zoom Video Conference

Registration Cost


Topics Discussed:

  • How Energy Works, and how it affects every moment of your life

  • Practicing Energy Healing on the Self

  • Deep Healing through the Chakra Energy System

  • Health Manifestation through Intention and Vibration

  • Learn how mind, emotions, body, and spirit affect each other and your life.

Masterclass Includes:​

Masterclass Workbook

with all information discussed in class, 

so that you can review, study, and use for future reference. 

Healing The Self Masterclass is for:

  • Anyone not feeling well, feeling stuck, stressed, anxious, unfulfilled, lost, angry, sad, depressed, dealing with pain, illness, disease, panic attacks.  If you are having a hard time grieving, forgiving, letting go of trauma, past events or emotions.

  • Anyone looking to change their life, wanting to live life to the fullest, find or live out their life purpose, or seeking to deepen their spirituality.
  • Anyone seeking to maintain their body and life well balanced.
  • Beginners.  No previous experience needed.
  • Intermediate or beginner healing practitioners (of any modality) who feel need to further their skills, need more practice, or a better understanding of energy.
  • Anyone who feels called to be a professional healer. 


as you learn how energy works,

how your energy is affected by others and your environment,

and how to keep your energy balanced and healthy.  

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