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Children, Ghosts, and Psychic Attacks

- a Parents' Online Video Guide

Are your children experiencing ghosts???

Have the experiences affected your child,

their lives, school, sleep patterns, health,

or social interactions?

Ghost experiences among children are very common.

However, there is little information and understanding as to what it is being experienced, and how to deal with these experiences, and if they are not pleasant, how to make them go away.

This video guide is made for parents of children who are experiencing ghosts, hauntings, psychic attacks, lights, any kind of supernatural event;

whether seeing them, hearing them, feeling them, being haunted by them, perhaps experiencing a lot of activity, or perhaps not even

fully understanding what your child is experiencing.   

I will share with you the lessons I’ve learned throughout my life

as being once a child, victim of ghosts and psychic attacks,

and having found answers to understand what was going on with me,

and having found a way to stop all negative hauntings and attacks,

and keep them from returning.


This is a happy video, with no ghostly sound effects,

no fear-based drama added to the content.  

My intention is to bring relief and peace to your child and family 

by giving you the power of knowledge.

Video Guide Preview:

Full Access

to Online Video Guide

Only $55.00

This video guide includes more than 2.5 hours of

information, explanations, and tools, including:​

  • Different scenarios your child may be experiencing.  Is your child really dealing with ghosts?

  • Different types of spirits your child may be dealing with, how to tell them apart, and the importance of identifying them

  • How the experiences are being perceived by your child and how to interpret them

  • Understanding why your child is experiencing spirits

  • How to communicate and get all the information you need from your child to better assist them

  • How to protect from negative spirits

  • How to get rid of or lessen the experiences​​​

  • How to stay safe during an attack

  • How to avoid and prevent future experiences, or how to control what your child experiences​

You teach your child as you see fit,

following your own intuition,

and your own belief system.  

This 2.5+ hours guide is divided into several short videos to make it easy to watch and fit into your schedule.  

It streams from an online course platform

that keeps track of your progress,

and makes it easy to watch at your own pace.  

You can watch the videos on your computer, smart phone, or tablet.  And they are viewable anywhere in the world, at any time.  There is no start or stop date.  It’s all about your schedule, so you can watch it when it’s convenient for you. 


If your child is currently experiencing physical harm from a ghost/spirit,

you need to seek the help of a professional.  

Not just from any healer or spiritual person.  

For example, I’ve made most of my training on energy healing and angel communication. So, someone like me wouldn’t be enough to assist in this case.  You need someone with experience with harmful spirits.

Search in your religious environment, or perhaps a religion that is not yours but who might be more involved in the subject.  

You may want to contact a local shaman or healer that specializes in this subject, or contact a demonologist.  

The information in this video, specially the information on vibrating high and protection, will still be great information, and will still assist you and your child.  However, YOU SHOULD SEEK ASSISTANCE


Begin to understand what’s going on in your home, with your children.

Get a hold of the situation, of the events being experienced. 

Find answers, and ultimately peace, for your child and your entire family. 

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