Energy Healing Sessions:

In my Energy Healing Sessions

I use a powerful combination of:

Energy Healing,

Aura Cleansing,

Chakra Healing & Alignment,

and Intuitive Readings

to bring about balance and healing.

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What to expect during your healing session?

Healing sessions are 1 to 1.5 hours long by phone.

During your session, be laying down or in a reclined position so you can relax, in a peaceful environment where you will not be distracted or interrupted.  


Throughout the session, I communicate channeled information regarding:

Your energy levels, blockages, what needs energy healing, the root cause for the energetic blockages, and intuitive messages received that are in relation to what needs healing.

Subtle heat, tingling sensations, twitches, pulsations, vibrations, and emotional releases are the most common experiences during a session.

A state of deep relaxation, combined with a general feeling of well-being, is usually the most noticeable immediate effect of the session. 

Please note:  Energy Healing is not made to substitute conventional medicine. 

It is meant to work as a holistic alternative alongside and to complement conventional medicine.

Read full DISCLAIMER here

In-Depth Healing Services

Energy Coaching

Monthly Membership

Experience Profound Growth and Healing


Monthly Membership Includes:

One coaching session, at end of every week,

To review events and emotions experienced during the week.

Then, releasing energies that no longer serve you,

learning and growing from your life experiences,

and reseting your energy,

to start the next week refreshed and empowered.


Additional Members Perks:

*  50% OFF Discount to additional Energy Healing Sessions

*  30% OFF Discount to any classes and workshops hosted by the School of Energy Healing and Intuition Development

(1 to 1.5 hour session by phone, at end of every week)

MEMBERSHIP COST $500 monthly

Healing the Self

Private Masterclass

A life Changing and Healing Experience​

Embark on a 10 week journey to 

experience growth, transformation, and finally 



Learn the energy secrets to living a happy, peaceful, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Topics Discussed:

  • How Energy Works, and how it affects every moment of your life

  • Energy Healing

  • Chakra Energy System

  • Energetic Attacks, Clearing, and Protection

  • Health Manifestation through Intention and Vibration

  • Learn how mind, emotions, body, and spirit affect each other and your life.​​


This is a one-on-one version of the group Masterclass hosted by the School of Energy Healing and Intuition Development.

(Meeting one day of the week, for 10 weeks, by ZOOM)

COST $1,750

About me:

Hello, I'm Rackie.  I am an Energy Healer, Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, and Founder of the School of Energy Healing and Intuition Development.  

I connect to Divine healing energy, and with the assistance of angels and spirit guides, I channel healing energies and messages to assist my clients to release energetic blockages such as: Illness, Pain, Disease, Stress, Fear, Anxiety, Anger, Grief, Depression, Worry, etc... and help them move into a positive, happy, loving, and fulfilling direction.